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Referrals from satisfied customers is how we grow our company.
Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

"Fast and Efficient. Simple to use. Speeds up the ordering and service times. We use four Android tablets to send the orders table side, if things are really busy I can use my iPhone to place orders! With SplitAbility everyone knows what's going on."

"No learning time required for this POS System."

Alex - Le Classic French Restaurant Cooparoo, Brisbane QLD. December 2013

"It's simple and efficient. Great for quick promotions."
"Great for managing take-away orders."

Kim - Cumin Kitchen,
Murwillumbah NSW. November 2013

Cumin Kitchen Cafe & Restaurant

"Our Bar can monitor Tabs and do Separate Checks with ease."

Peter, Panagsama Beach,
Basdiot Moalboal 6032
Cebu Island Philippines October 2013"

Mayas Native Garden

"We use an iPad with a single printer that splits the order prints on category. We update menus daily and can monitor things remotely."

"This Point of Sale system rocks!!"

Vince & Lisa, Redcliffe Australia. October 2013
Workshop Co Cafe

"After trialing a number of restaurant POS systems, SplitAbility was clearly the best for our Restaurant by far! We change our menus daily, all of our tablets stay up to date. It takes a few seconds not hours."

"Fast, simple and accuate."

Nick, London UK. June 2013

"Multiple iPads ordering simultaneously during peak hour is not a problem with SplitAbility."

"The Speed and Simplicity is Amazing!"

Adiel - Margate. February 2013

Pilpel Catering