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Integrated Payments

BridgePay - PayGuardian Cloud

Accept card payments from any Android, Apple or Windows device

💳 Payment Security - An EMV Solution
📑 Setup

Config Settings: Terminals:

Select terminal/s:
  • Ensure the PayGuardian (Raspberry PI) is connected to the Network LAN
  • Setting - Admin - Eftpos - BridgePay
  • Select the "Select Terminal" tab
  • Scan for Terminals
  • Select a terminal ID
  • Close

Payments | Refunds | Tipping.

Credit card payment.
  • Select: Total - Credit Card Payment - the exact amount is shown.
  • If paying the exact amount select "Ok", else make adjustments then select "Ok".
  • The result is displayed in the receipt total.

Printing a customer receipt.
  • Select: Check - Print.
  • Print any cleared receipt from the "Ticket Spike"

Clearing the receipt.
  • Select: Check - Clear

Split payments (cash & card).
  • Select: Total - Cash - enter the amount payed by cash.
  • Select: Total - Credit Card Payment - the exact remaining amount is shown.
  • Select "Ok" to process the split payment.

Making a refund.
  • A negative amount can be entered as a miscellaneous amount or via the keypad.
  • Negative total amounts are processed as a refund.

  • Discounts, tips, and other payments can be entered into the POS before selecting the "Card" payment.
  • These amounts are shown on the receipt information.