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SplitAbility Icon

Native installable apps make launching the POS on all devices quicker and easier.

Apps are available from Apple's App store for iOS and Google's Play store for Android devices.

For Windows computers, tablets and devices it is recommended to create a launch icon to run the POS without a URL bar, thus giving the user more screen area.


From the App store search for "SplitAbility" or follow this link:


From the Play store search for "SplitAbility" or follow this link:


Clicking the "Sign In" button above runs SplitAbility in any browser.

Operating the system without a URL bar allows for more screen area to be used.
Pressing the F11 key hides the browser URL bar.

To create a desktop icon that launches the POS without a URL bar:

  1. Navigate to
  2. From the "Three Vertical dots" menu select "More Tools" - "Add to desktop.."
  3. Add the desktop icon with the "Open as window" checked
Alternatively use "chrome.exe -app=" as the Target URL in the shortcut's properties.

To launch SplitAbility when Windows starts:
  1. Open the “Run” box (Windows+R)
  2. Type “shell:startup” press Enter
  3. Drag the SplitAblity icon created above into the “Startup” folder