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Floor Plan - Table Overview

Table management is built into the system (comes as standard) and runs natively on all devices.

Floor plans:
Table status colors: Note: The ordering color sequence (Ordering - Sent - Ready) is that of traffic lights (Yellow, Red, Green).

Images can be squares or rectangles, any size or orientation and display the status of all orders in the system.

Floor Plan Overview

After registration, a default floor plan is added as a simple matrix layout.
The default floor plan can then be adjusted to reflect the layout of any restaurant or cafe.

Adjusting the floor plan:

Navigate to: Settings - Admin - Floor Plan
Select the table to edit by clicking the table or selecting it's number from the list box.

Adjust the tables location co-ordinates using the "Top" and "Left" setting. Adjust the tables shape and size using the "Rows" and "Columns" setting.

Floor Plan Adjustment

Once editing is complete, hit the "Submit" to save the updated settings.


See also Support for further technical details on set up.