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The system has built-in support for regular customers.
Regulars can be used with tab accounts and are a means to provide customer loyalty:

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Tab Accounts


Once added to the system, regulars may be retrieved:

Before taking the order:
After an order has been started:

Regular Customer Search

When a regular is retrieved, the following information is displayed and replaces the order's name: "Fund Balance", "Cumulative Total" and "Visit Count are updated / incremented as the regular's order is cleared.
These values may also be edited in the "Admin" section.

Cached orders can be applied to regular customers simply by tapping on the order name then searching for the regular.

How to Add Regulars:

Regulars are added in the "Admin" section but can also be added on the fly.

Regular details captured include:
Adding regulars through Admin:

To enable a regular customer from the Admin section, users must have "Full Admin" access.
Go to: "Settings" - "Admin" - "Regulars" - "Add" and complete the following:

Adding regular customers in Admin

Adding regulars on the fly.

Adding regular customers on the fly


See Support for more information and set-up details.