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Can I have regular customers?
  • Yes, Add Regulars in the Admin section.

  • They can then be searched using any field, Name, Address, Phone, Email, ID etc.

  • You can provide them with log in access for order ahead / remote ordering capability.

Are customer loyalty features supported?
  • Yes, Visit Count and Cumulative Total is provided for Regulars.

  • You can provide them with log in access for order ahead and remote ordering capability.

Does the system work off line?
  • Yes, work on line or off line.

  • If the Internet connection becomes slow you can quickly switch to Off Line mode, continue to operate as normal. Then switch back to On Line when the Internet connection is available.

  • SplitAbility can run on a low bandwidth connection and can operate easily on a phone data connection.

  • All data is cached locally and synchronised with the On Line data when reconnected.

Which devices can I use?
  • Anything that can run an Internet browser.

  • Any type of desktop computer.

  • Any tablet.

  • Any touch screen or smart phone.

  • Basically there are no specific hardware requirements.
Can I operate a paper-less kitchen with synchronised POS screens?
  • Yes, the system is specifically designed to implement this type of productivity gain.

  • You can have as many logged in screens as you wish and all screens will show the same data.

  • By time, by table, a one second update time is guaranteed.
Can I print when Off line?
How do I move customers between tables in the POS?
  • Select "New.." -> "Transfer.."

  • Select the table to transfer to.

  • Hit transfer and the move is done!

How many user logins can I have?
  • As many as you wish.

  • Fast locking local users.

  • Non-admin remote users.
How many terminals can I have?
  • You can have as many terminals as you wish.

  • All terminals update automatically.
Miscellaneous orders/adjustments?
  • Select the customer/time stamp.

  • "Misc+/-", add in the amount and notes if desired.
Discounts and surcharges?
  • Select the "Total" panel at the bottom of the receipt.

  • Enter in the percentage.