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Fast - Accurate - Point of Sale

🌠 Improve speed with button graphics
  • Full button images - learn more
  • Part image with name & price
  • HTML color button with name & price

🔍 Menu search and bar-codes
  • Quickly locate items with search - learn more
  • Used with bar-code scanners
  • Add ID's for faster input

🍴 Adjustable menu style
  • Have different take-away prices on the same button - learn more
  • Dine-in prices versus take away prices

📞 Regular customers

📑 Individual ordering, bill splitting and checkout
  • Up front splitting & splitting on checkout - learn more
  • Split payments cash, card & other
  • Tips & discounting

Modifiers and off line operation

Kitchen Display System
  • KDS or "Bump Screens" speed up service times and eliminate errors - learn more
  • Paper-less kitchens, barista stations, bars etc
  • Show selected categories & completed items

Overview by item

Sort orders by table (great for wait staff)

On line reports

Customizable charting

Scrolling tree view (great for tablets or smart phones)

Full history with your own private secure account

Insert orders or modifiers - retrospective order insertion

Selecting to the left of an order item, highlights/underlines the order item.
Any menu item is now inserted after the highlighted order.
This is called retrospective order insertion and is very handy if the customer changes their mind.