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Integrated Apps


1. Sign up with Doshii to obtain a "Location ID".

2. Add your Location ID to SplitAbility POS:
  • Settings - Admin - Apps / Eftpos - Doshii - Config Setting
  • Edit in your Location ID and Save

Menu Updates:

Your Doshii on-line menu is synchronized automatically when updating your POS menu.

You may also run a separate Doshii on-line menu:
  • Settings - Admin - Apps / Eftpos - Doshii - Online Menu
  • Select your online menu then hit "Update Menu Data".


On-line app orders always show on the Kitchen Display System.

Orders can also be printed by the LAN printer/s.

Enable LAN printing here:
  • Settings - Admin - Apps / Eftpos - Doshii - Print Orders
Note: This is a per device setting and should be set on one device only.
The device must be powered on and connected to the LAN for printing.

Terminal ID:

This is an optional setting.
It is automatically set by adding a Device ID.
  • Settings - Device Settings - Device ID.
  • Edit and set your Device ID.

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