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All menus start their life as an on-line spreadsheet in your private Google Drive account.

Menu spreadsheets are edited on-line then uploaded to the POS.
Entire menus can be switched in or out of the POS instantly using this bulk upload feature.

How to upload a menu to the POS: On registration we push a template menu into your private Google Drive account.
The template menu has the same name you registered with and can be edited with your own menu items.

Menu spreadsheet names:

Additional menus can be created in your Google Drive.

Note: Menu spreadsheet names must be prefixed with your registered restaurant/cafe/business name.
This allows the POS to search and add them to the list-box for upload.

e.g. For the registered name "ABC Restaurant":
Use something like this: - "ABC Restaurant Monday specials". SplitAbility searches for and lists the spreadsheets that are prefixed with your registered name.

Menu names.

Column headings

The first row of a menu spreadsheet contains mandatory headings plus optional headings.

Menu spreadsheet headings.

Mandatory headings: Optional headings:
Categories and menu item buttons shall appear in the same sequence that they are entered in the Spreadsheet.

Learn how to add modifiers.

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See also Balancing for details on closing off.