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How to set up an Epson TM-T88V-i printer to print from any device using SplitAbility POS on a LAN.
The printer can be wireless or wired to the router (wireless requires the use of a wi-fi adapter).

The set up methods described here use a web browser to communicate with the TM-T88V-i (via the Epson TMNet WebConfig).

Method 1. Printer connected to a router (wired or wireless).
Method 2. Printer connected directly to a PC.

This method can be used to set the printer to use the USB wireless LAN adapter OT-WL01.

Note: For this set up method you'll need to know the Subnetwork of the LAN that you intend to use the printer on. From the command prompt of a computer connected to the LAN type: "ipconfig" and note the IPv4 Address. The Subnetwork will be similar to: 192.168.?.? or 10.0.?.? .

You can now add the printer IP address to SplitAbility and print from any device on the LAN.

Note: The TM-T88V-i printer will not communicate simultaneously via the LAN connection and the USB port using the Epson TM-T88V Configuration Utility Tool Software. After using the configuration utility you will need to Shut down the software, disconnect the USB, power the printer down then up to establish communications again via the LAN again.

Recommended: Reserve the static IP addresses for your printers in your router's LAN Setup.
This is done in the router's "LAN IP Setup" - "Address Reservation" section.

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