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Timing is Everything


SpitAbility supports "Time Sequencing" of tickets and orders held in the system.

Time Sequencing automatically arranges and displays tickets in correct chronological line-up on the Kitchen Display System (KDS).
Tickets shuffle to their correct position as times are adjusted.

Time sequencing:
  • Plays the role of a "virtual expeditor" to manage the flow of orders in real-time
  • Enables staff to focus on preparation rather than when to prepare
  • Shows future dated orders with a negative count-down timer and reverse time fuse in bright yellow
Updated Tickets:
  • Synchronize instantly on all screens
  • Shuffle into their correct sequence
The image below shows two tickets on the KDS that are future-dated.
A pop-up time adjustment box on the right.

Ticket Sequencing

Ticket Sequencing is typically used to manage on-line order ahead or delivery times into the future.
Also in table service situation where courses are separated by a know duration.

Tickets may be time sequenced:
  • At any time before during or after orders are added to a ticket
  • By touching the time on the KDS ticket
  • Via the sell screen "Check.." button

Take control of your order management.

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