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Hospitality businesses use a variety of different ordering modes depending on the type of business e.g. Quick Service Restaurants require different settings than Table Managed Restaurants.

Ordering mode configuration affects how the items are added to the ticket and the number of touches required to perform ordering functions.

To change ordering modes:
Settings - Admin - Ordering Modes.

Ordering Modes.

Default Name

Available modes:
  • Time Stamp
  • Numbers
In "Time Stamp" mode the default name on the ticket is the current local time:

e.g. 09:30:12 (hh:mm:ss)

In "Numbers" mode the default name on the ticket is an integer number incremented after each ticket:

e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..

Item Selection

Available modes:
  • Sequential
  • Multiple / Insert / Add
Sequential ordering lays items out on the ticket in sequence i.e. one after another e.g.
  • Beer 5.60
  • Beer 5.60
  • Beer 5.60

Multiple / Insert / Add - allows multipliers on the ticket. Items can also be inserted retrospectively by placing the cursor on an ordered item where the next item is to be inserted.
  • 3 x Beer 5.60
Placing the cursor on an order item forces sequential mode and allows a mix of the two modes.


Three modes of clearing are available.
  • Manual - requires the "Clear" button to be pressed.
  • Auto on paid - Automatically clears on full payment.
  • Auto on paid & served - Automatically clears when both paid & served.

Quick Service:

The "Send on Total" is designed for increased speed in quick service situations.
When enabled, the on-send printers fire automatically when the "Total" is pressed.

See also printing for more POS configuration details.