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Tablets / Smart-phones

SplitAbility is a true cloud based (platform agnostic) Point of Sale system.
The front end can be run in any browser or can be down-loaded as an App:


Google Play Store - Android


Microsoft Store - Windows


Apple App Store - iOS

Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) extends traditional countertop POS systems or cash registers with the mobility of tablets and smart phones.

Clunky old fixed terminal POS systems are making way for the newer mobile style of transacting with customers. The advent of technologies including - scrolling touch screens, multi-touch gesturing, pinch & zoom and virtual keyboards has made the transition to mPOS a must for any modern business.

Any tablet or smartphone can be used, thus significantly reducing installation costs. BYOD (bring your own device) can be employed or commodity type hardware e.g. PC’s, tablets etc.

For hospitality type businesses such as cafés and restaurants the benefits & advantages become apparent when considering tableside service, centralized menu updates and remote monitoring.

mPOS - SplitAbility POS
Shown here on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Restaurant menu
Shown here on a smart phone.

Efficiency gains like ordering from the floor and taking on the spot payments give mPOS a compelling value proposition advantage when stacked up against fixed terminal based systems running Windows software.

Hospitality workers take orders on their mobile devices that slip back into their pocket or apron.
Importantly notice how the selection buttons can be enlarged with the use of pinch & zoom in order to make item selection and the POS usable without the need for a stylus.

Combine this with other synchronized devices in the kitchen or bar being used as bump screens to speed up service times. Learn more:

The new breed of intelligent printers allows receipt and kitchen printing to be done from a mobile device without the need to install software or device drivers.

This presents two key advantages:
  • No update problems – i.e. when new software is released, hardware manufacturers may not support the printers you have.
  • Device agnostic printing - print from any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone regardless of operating platform (Windows, Android, iOS…).

Print from any mPOS device

The way forward for merchants who want a modern Point of Sale system is clearly tending to favour a mobile approach.

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