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Outdoor Concert Event

Stadium Concert Event

SplitAbility Advantages

Command and control:
  • Centralized menu updates lean more

  • Remote monitoring

  • Live transaction journals (millisecond updates)

  • Named registers

  • Runs natively on payments devices lean more

  • Aggregated & single register balancing

  • Instant inventory count & reports lean more

  • Highly scalable

  • Sub 100 millisecond latency times lean more

  • Unlimited devices - Android, Apple or Windows

  • Button images for speed lean more

  • Other points of difference

  • See also support

CBA Alberts used at Live in the Park

Has a built in printer lean more

🌠 When it has to be FAST!

Concert events present limited windows of opportunity to process large sales volumes.

Point of Sale response time is critical at large events where crowds require service in short periods at high volume.
Without fast transactions, revenue is lost and customers become impatient.

In order to take advantage of these high demand periods, our system is able to maintain low latency times across many devices.

SplitAbility POS has been used at events that run more than 60 terminals, performing over 500 orders / minute.

When speed and availability are essential - Contact us

Some events we've handled

Recent events

Because we can handle the transaction traffic.

Posted by SplitAbility POS on Saturday, November 17, 2018