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2024 -

April - 2024

Bump Screens and Order Visibility

Bump Screens and Order Visibility

This post provides ideas on how to improve the speed of processing orders.

Single item "Touch to Serve" buttons for ready items on all overview screens.

Servers simply touch these buttons...

2023 -

August - 2023

Casting to a Smart TV

Chromecast KDS / Bump Screen Orders to a Smart TV

The video demonstrates:

1. Setting up Google Chromecast
2. Casting from a laptop
3. Viewing orders and status on a Smart TV
4. Clearing orders
5. Placing orders from an iPad

See also: Kitchen Display Systems

2022 -

September - 2022

Cloud Enabled Printers - CloudPRNT

Cloud Enabled Printers

The advantages of using cloud native printers:

1. Work with all operating systems and hardware.
2. Recover from connection outages (no lost prints).
3. Poll continuously via the Internet.
4. Can connect to on-line ordering apps.
5. Have built-in security.

See also: CloudPRNT Printer Set up

May - 2022

Notch Seafood Restaurant

Notch Seafood Restaurant

Located 1a/14 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Heads QLD.
Notch restaurant is the newest seafood restaurant in Noosa Heads.

This blog post and video catches some of the installation moments as well as the trip up North.

2021 -

November - 2021

The Prawnster - Seafood Ordering System

The Prawnster

Located at Dockside Marina, 44 Ferry Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. The Prawnster serves locally sourced seafood with a trawler experience.

The video demonstrates our Kitchen Display System (KDS), Table Management and how staff use their smartphones to manage order flow and payments.

See also: Kitchen Display Systemes

September - 2021

Doshii Connect

Integrated Apps

We are now certified with Doshii .

Certification gives businesses the confidence that our POS has ticked all the necessary boxes required to work with all apps available on the Doshii platform.

Venues have the ability to "Plug & Play"...

See also: Integrations

June - 2021

Maximilian's Restaurant

Maximilian's Restaurant & Bar

The iconic Maximilian's Restaurant in the Adelaide Hills - SA.

On a recent trip to South Australia, I managed to catch up with proprietor Andrew Friebe and his staff to put together this short clip on how they use our Point of Sale system.

The video captures the usage of our POS system during a busy Saturday...

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2020 -

June - 2020

Ticket Sequencing

Ticket Sequencing

SpitAbility POS now supports "Time Sequencing" of tickets and orders held in the system.

Time Sequencing automatically arranges and displays tickets in correct chronological line-up on the Kitchen Display System (KDS).

Tickets shuffle to their correct position...

See also: Kitchen Display System

April - 2020

Popup Drive-Through TakeAway

Drive Through & Take-Away

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced restrictions on dine-in cafe/restaurants.

No table service during the social distancing lock-downs.

Looking to pivot, St Coco Cafe Daisy Hill has come up with an innovative idea..

See also: Regulars

2019 -

November - 2019

Improving Service Times

Service Times

Some ideas on how to improve service times include:

1. Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)
2. Tablet based ordering
3. Use of smart phones.
4. Integrated payments.
5. Unlimited Registers / Screens / Devices

This video shows the action..

See also: Kitchen Display Systems

October - 2019

Dashboard Charts

Dashboard Charts

In our latest release we have added a built-in dashboard. The dashboard calculates total sales for various time intervals:

1. Hourly
2. Daily
3. Weekly
4. Monthly
5. Yearly

Examples of the the dashboard formats..

See also: POS Reports

May - 2019

Splitting the Bill

Splitting the Bill

Speeding up split checks at the register is not as hard as you think.

You'll need two things.

1. A POS system that can perform Quick Split.
2. An integrated Payment Service.

So, here's how it works...

See also: Quick Split

See also: Payment Services

2018 -

October - 2018

Time Zones & Balancing Groups

Time Zones & Balancing Groups

We now support over 600 different time zones.

Admin users can set the transaction journal timestamps to their local time (Default is UTC).

Staff login logout times also reflect this setting...

March - 2018

How tablet-based POS systems integrate with
Kitchen Display Systems

Tablet-based POS and KDS

In this month Restaurant & Catering Magazine.

KDS is built-in to the software. Any tablet, computer screen or smart TV can be used to display order status. Check-boxes synchronise across all stations to inform staff.

Category selection is done on a per device basis allowing staff...

2017 -

December - 2017

CBA Albert - Integrated EFTPOS

CBA Albert - Integrated EFTPOS

We now have "Paired" operation available for the Comm-bank's Albert EFTPOS terminal.

After installing the app from CBA's App-Bank, SplitAbility POS can run either as a standalone POS or as a slave driven from another screen.

A quick demonstration...

September - 2017

Are Docket Rails Done?

Are Docket Rails Done?

Most certainly, docket rails are soon to become an artifact of the hospitality industry.

Just as cash registers have made way for touch screens and tablet based point of sale systems, paper tickets are being replaced with the KDS (Kitchen Display System) or bump screen.

Key benefits...

June - 2017

Milliseconds Count

Milliseconds Count

There's lots to consider when choosing an on-line point of sale system for your business, but there is one factor that stands out.

It's a benchmark that ranks above all others. Button images help make for a fast system, as they allow for quick recognition of menu items.

Consistent design improves navigation speed...

April - 2017

Kitchen Display Systems

Kitchen Display Systems

Predominantly used in quick service restaurants, Kitchen Display Systems aka KDS are increasingly being used more widely in hospitality.

As the barriers to using them such as cost are falling dramatically.

The benefits are clear...

March - 2017

Restaurant & Catering - Tablet Tips

Restaurant & Catering - Tablet Tips

The March edition of Restaurant & Catering magazine asks five key questions to those considering tablet POS systems.

Five questions to ask when considering tablet POS systems.

Can you add more devices?
Which platform?
How easy are menu changes?

2016 -

November - 2016

Albert EFTPOS Terminal

Albert EFTPOS Terminal

Merchants who use Comm-bank's new Albert terminal can now install and run SplitAbility POS as a fully integrated native payments App.

The new mobile POS solution can benefit hospitality businesses who seek to streamline their processes and improve efficiency.

CBA signed off on the App last week...

October - 2016

Consistent UI vs Responsive Design

Consistent UI vs Responsive Design

Designing software to run on all devices has its challenges.

Users have an expectation they'll be quickly able to understand an applications functionality from the get go. Point of Sale (POS) systems are no different, speed is achieved through presenting users with simple single touch functions with little or no screen flipping.

Familiarizing yourself with software is time consuming and if layouts present differently, some trial and error is required before the nuances become apparent...

September - 2016

System Differences Explained

System Differences Explained

This article attempts to demystify what "cloud" means in the context of a point of sale systems.

Just over two years ago we did our first trade show at Melbourne International Coffee. Our POS system had been in production for around a year, we had clients using it, but it was still quite a new product.

This picture shows some of the cheery people in the stands that were around us...

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