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What is SplitAbility

A cloud based Point of Sale (POS) system designed for hospitality businesses like restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and pubs.

Benefit from a full featured system with all required functionality built-in as standard.
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Software as a Service (SaaS) offering exceptional productivity gains for hospitality businesses.
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SplitAbility Advantages

📲 Works on any device. Android, Apple & Windows learn more

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🔄 Built-in KDS (Kitchen Display System) learn more

📝 Edit your own menus learn more

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Integrate with the latest EFTPOS Chip & PIN terminals
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Delivered via the "cloud"

A different model

While traditional POS systems usually charge per register, new cloud based POS system; SplitAbility POS has a different approach. By allowing merchants an unlimited number of devices, businesses benefit during high demand periods and gain productivity improvements in situations like table side ordering, queue busting, remote monitoring, till/register management, kitchen bump screens, overview screens and inventory control.

SplitAbility is software as a service (SaaS).
The SaaS delivery model eliminates software and database issues while providing all the latest feature enhancements as they are rolled out.

The system eliminates fraud with the setting of user privileges and screen locking, combined with the monitoring of staff log in/out times.

Drive your business with easy promotions, the latest intelligent printers can load print images from anywhere with an internet connection.

Most importantly users have complete control over their data. The product offers no-compromise high performance, simplicity of use, coupled with the latest in cloud technologies.

“After researching many different POS systems,
SplitAbility was the clear standout”
Alex - LeClassic French Restaurant
2013 R&C QLD European Restaurant of the Year

Value Proposition
  • No system maintenance required, you get all the latest updates, features and enhancements as they happen.
  • No limit to the number of menus that can be stored, switching or changing entire menus takes seconds.
  • Order items can be entered by Button / Search / Name / Category / Price / Bar-code or any Code assigned to a menu item. Single or double characters for popular items is a powerful feature that saves valuable seconds at the POS.
  • SplitAbility offers customer satisfaction, productivity improvements and low cost of ownership.
  • Easily split bills for customers who in turn will have a higher level of satisfaction.
  • The product has been designed to be fast and efficient and provide a good user experience. The application scales to an unlimited number of users without deterioration in performance.

Why change

The Hardware Problem:
Older POS systems use installed software that works only on specific hardware and locks the user into a high cost of ownership model. Outdated on site computers running licence based proprietary software and hardware that was developed before the proliferation of mobile devices.

Installed POS systems are complex yet add limited value and productivity gains.

The Hardware Solution:
SplitAbility runs on any hardware both old and new.
The latest hand-held devices, routers and printers are far more reliable at a much lower cost.

The Support Problem:
The traditional model for Point of Sale requires licensed software installed on specific hardware, the user signs up for a contracted period of support. Although this can be quite expensive, the customer doesn’t realize at the time of purchase that after a short time their technology purchase may be obsolete or no longer supported. This requires them to pay again for a later version of the system.

The Support Solution:
All Splitability's users receive the latest additions/features/enhancements that are instantly available. The total cost of ownership is much lower.

The Productivity Problem:
  1. Waiter takes order notes at the table.
  2. Waiter returns to the POS.
  3. Waiter waits until the POS becomes available (as another waitress enters her order).
  4. Waiter enters in the order to the POS
  5. Waiter prints the kitchen docket.
  6. Waiter takes docket to the Kitchen.
  7. Chef can begin preparation.
The Productivity Solution:
  1. Waiter enters order into SplitAbility POS at the table and Chef can begin preparation immediately.